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Pelvic Floor Activation

Unlock the transformative potential of simple exercises to tone and fortify your internal muscles—empowering you from the inside out.

What we do

Teach pelvic floor activation techniques

Hello! I’m Lara Eardley, I have been helping women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles for over 15 years by teaching natural exercises to prevent incontinence and improve sexual fitness. Join my class, download my film or my book to learn Pelvic Floor Activation Techniques and end unnecessary suffering. Your power is in your pelvic floor!


Revitalize your pelvic health.

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Events and classes

Organise a life-changing event for your tribe of strong, fierce women and empower them to take control of their pelvic floor health and sexual fitness. With my expertise in pelvic floor wellness, I’ll guide you in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles – the greatest remedy for incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Laugh, learn, and move with your girls in this unforgettable celebration of the divine feminine. Request my services to start your exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Don’t miss out on the chance to make a positive change for yourself and your tribe. Create an unforgettable event that enhances your pelvic floor health, sexual fitness, and overall well-being.

Unleash Ancient Wisdom:

Elevate Pelvic Strength with Vaginal Weights

Modern medicine supports the remarkable knowledge held by ancient women. Countless studies verify that using vaginal weights improves pelvic floor muscles and strengthens the mind-body connection. Experience superior resistance training by incorporating internal weights. Embark on a transformative journey of empowerment and unleash your pelvic floor’s true potential with these beautiful internal gemstones as part of your essential sacred practices.



Incontinence & Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Often overlooked, until its too late, pelvic floor strength is vital for well-being. Regardless of age, targeted exercises can prevent and address incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Incorporating these into your routine improves health, boosts libido, burns calories, and enhances sexual satisfaction. In the 21st century, incontinence is a major concern in aged care. Fortunately, exercises effectively prevent and treat weak pelvic floor muscles, offering alternatives to surgery. They also support childbirth and possess the remarkable ability to repair themselves, regardless of age.


Strengthen and tone

Rejuvenate and restore your pelvic floor, regain confidence, and enhance sexual fitness by achieving continence through specialised exercises that strengthen your internal muscles.

rejuvinate and restore

Experience the rejuvenating and restorative effects on your pelvic floor muscles with exercises designed to revitalize and renew your body at its core.

too tight or too loose?

Discover the key to a happy and healthy pelvic floor. Take our questionnaire to find out if you need to rejuvenate and restore your muscles or unlock tension for optimal pelvic floor health. Click here to get started!

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