For TONING and TIGHTENING the Pelvic Floor Muscles


Hello my name is Lara Eardley, I teach Dynamic Pelvic Floor Exercises to women for a number of reasons. Firstly it is essential knowledge for every woman to be truly embodied. Being truly embodied means living in your body not in your head which at the moment most of us do. When we learn to move our pelvic floor we become more grounded, more confident, and sexier as we develop a deeper and more profound connection with our physical body. Secondly, having strong juicy pelvic floor muscles and an understanding of how to live inside our bodies without pushing our organs down and out as so many of us unconsciously do is a great prevention and cure method for pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence.  Our pelvic floor muscles are the largest muscle mass in our skeletal system and they can be toned and strengthened at any age, even in a matter of weeks.  Having toned juicy and responsive pelvic floor muscles makes women exceptionally fit sexually and very confident in the bedchamber.
I dedicate my life to ethically empowering women in this way and I invite you to join me on this journey in which I will offer you over 20 internal exercises that you can perform in the privacy of your own body without any external movement.
Love, Lara.

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  • I want to truly thank you for changing my life. Before I met you I suffered badly with incontinence, so much so, I undertook an unsuccessful and painful surgery to correct it.

    I would be happy to share my experience with anyone who may need encouragement. You are a very special and amazing woman, with your teaching talent, your incredible knowledge you change lives Lara.

  • I never knew there were so many ways to exercise these vital internal muscles. You are an excellent communicator, it was easy to follow your instructions and I really liked the fact that you always reminded me to smile while doing the exercises, which made it enjoyable!

    I thoroughly enjoyed attending your classes and would recommend every woman learns these important exercises. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.

  • I would like to recommend the Pelvic Floor workshops run by Lara, they are full of valuable exercises and education for women of all ages to develop a health Pelvic Floor. I found Lara to be an exceptional teacher, her methods were tactful, very encouraging and most of all fun to attend. My pelvic floor strength has dramatically improved and best of all., I no longer wake up during the night just to go the loo… uninterrupted sleep is amazing! Thanks Lara

  • After having undertaken your informative classes I believe every woman will benefit from participating in your pelvic floor education program. I have taken pelvic floor exercise classes in the past but unfortunately all have lacked an overall comprehensive instruction framework

    Your program covered easy to follow anatomy and physiology concepts that you were able to implement by focused pelvic muscle exercise. A big thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed your classes and I am looking forward to your DVD release in the near future.

  • The benefits of learning Lara’s pelvic floor strengthening techniques were immediately evident and went well beyond my initial expectations. Becoming more aware of sections that make up our pelvic floor and how to switch these on individually, the use of breathing techniques, and learning about the Goddess within was not only educational but loads of fun. Lara is a warm, welcoming, beautiful woman.

  • I have exercised all my life including yoga and I have been going to the gym for years, but Lara really taught me how to strengthen my inner muscles. I did not even know you could move these muscles!

    I highly recommend Lara to anyone who wants to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles or who want to learn more about how to activate muscles you were not even aware of!

  • I experienced Lara as a dedicated teacher passionate about educating women about their pelvic floor. In my sessions with her she was methodical and covered a lot of material clearly and enthusiastically. The teaching is experiential which is the best way for me to learn anything.

    I highly recommend Lara to any woman interested in knowing and understanding their bodies better and strengthening their pelvic floor.

    Jenny Barnett
  • What can I say other than the obvious…..this is a health area that has been of great concern to many women throughout many decades. Thank you Lara, for your ongoing commitment, continued leadership & professionalism in this field.

    I wish you every success for the future.