Dynamic Pelvic Floor Exercises
For the worlds juiciest and sexiest women. The sexiest part of your body is your pelvic floor, your love muscles! If you want power, the best place to start is your pelvic floor. If you want confidence and charisma then you need an exceptionally vibrant and healthy pelvic floor. If you want a life of confidence and continence then cultivate strong, juicy, supple and responsive pelvic floor muscles.


Hi there I have been teaching dynamic Pelvic Floor Exercises to women for over 9 years. I am not a Tantra teacher, I am not an Intimacy Coach, I am not a Sex Therapist and I do not do relationship or couples counseling, I have enough problems with my own relationships to be honest :).  I am a Pelvic Floor Strength Teacher, Coach, and Mentor.  I empower women by teaching dynamic pelvic floor exercises so they can be confident in the boardroom, the bathroom and the bedroom too.  I have developed over 20 exercises people, (usually women) can perform in the privacy of their own body. I teach ethically and gracefully, this means we are never naked, there are never any internal examinations and there are never uncomfortable or overly sexual conversations. I teach the most conservative to the most liberated of people and I keep my work very conservative in order to reach the widest audience and help the most people. I teach you how to dance inside, to dynamically move inside your body with the external body completely still and how to master the ancient art of pompoir, “the Sinagpore Kiss” That is my specialty, I am the go to girl for that and the buck stops there folks.

Understanding Your Potential


Most women have no idea that they can move the front, middle, back, left & right hemispheres of the pelvic floor basket at will. Most women have no idea that they can move three independent sections of the vaginal chamber and perform advanced cross way squeezes and flexes. Most women have no idea why they feel low libido & non orgasmic, no idea that they can lift weights with their sacred chamber & no idea that they are superior in the bedchamber. More than half of the female population over 50 wet themselves due to a total lack of pelvic floor education. Most women are so intimidated by this work that they prefer to remain ignorant of their true capabilities to the great detriment of themselves and their true potential. I have been teaching for over nine years and have never had an unhappy student, ever. If you want to know why? Come and learn and change the way you live and feel inside your body. Learn how to perform dynamic pelvic floor exercises in under three hours. Fully clothed, empowering, ethical and graceful workshops for ALL women, regardless of age and current pelvic floor strength. See you soon, much love xxxx