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Female Libido

Female Libido

It never ceases to amaze me why the majority of today’s women assume men to be naturally superior to them in relation to sex and the intimacies explored within the sacred bedchamber. In actual fact, no man can ever compete with a woman sexually. Unless of course he is a well practiced disciple of ancient Chinese Taoist or Tantric Buddhist sexual practices, and therefore a master of withholding his life force ejaculate. Such disciplined men are quite rare these days!
It is true, generally speaking, that a man’s libido is more active than a woman’s. This is especially true for women who never flex or rarely contract the muscles of their pelvic floor and make them strong. However a woman who actively practices pelvic floor exercises, flexing and squeezing her luscious love muscles throughout her daily life will easily match and often surpass the libido of a hot fiery male.

There is so much healing within pages of the ancient Chinese sexual manuals teaching that man by his very nature is yang, hot like a burning fire, always moving, always active, always ready. Man is symbolized by the fiery hot sun and his libido incorporates all these essential yang male qualities.

Completely opposite of the male is the female. She is Yin, dark, cold, freezing like ice. She is completely still, like a dark black night, receptive like a vessel, her symbol is the feminine moon and her libido is like ice. Naturally, it takes a lot longer to bring ice to the boil than it does to heat a fire that is already burning hot. Even so, a woman who regularly exercises her pelvic floor muscles is able to melt away her naturally icy cold libido and heat herself up internally, to easily challenge the libido of her heated male counterpart.

No man can ever compete with a woman sexually! Just think, should it be her nature and desire to do so, any healthy woman whose morals permitted, could intimately entertain an entire football team easily if she so wished. Then while they were sleeping and resting from having been graced with her goddess like body and pelvic floor talents, she might make dinner for them all, vacuum the floor and then even paint her nails, while wondering when they will awake and hopefully begin to entertain her some more and relieve her boredom.

I’m not suggesting that women should conduct themselves in such a highly immoral fashion; I’m simply gifting your intelligence with an understanding of the exceptional prowess of the female enchantress and her sexual superiority in comparison with a male. In ancient times these things were well understood and this is one of the reasons why so many wise men chose to practice withholding their ejaculate, so that they could actually satisfy their women, knowing that they take much longer to be satisfied than men, and so that they actually could compete with them sexually.


Esoteric Sexual Practices

I hope this blog finds you flexing and tightening up all of your enchantingly beautiful pelvic floor muscles!
Id’e like to educate you a little about the pelvic floor exercises cleverly hidden in sacred religious and philosophical texts of ancient civilizations, particularly Egypt, East India and China. Practices surrounded in secrecy until now, because I’m exposing them, and for good reason too!

It is vitally important to reveal these esoteric sexual and yogic practices because they greatly prevent and cure incontinence which is a staggeringly prevalent disorder in western culture.Pelvic Floor Strength helps combat sexual dysfunction in humans, prolapse of the uterus, bladder and bowel in women and promote exceptional prostate health in men. The pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened and used to pump oxygenated blood to the sexual organs and move it throughout the entire being for healing. Pelvic floor strength also creates superior sexual fitness through which men and women are said to achieve the ultimate harmony.

Once upon a time sacred belly dancers in Ancient Egypt were writhing to the rhythmic beat of a thousand drums on the river Nile, their internal muscles dancing in concert with their external body. These Enchantresses were encouraging the gods to bestow a good harvest on their land for the coming year. The Ancient Hundus, were pumping the pelvic floor muscles to awaken the metaphysical powers of the great goddess Kundalini. She, the mother of all mothers, the most potent force in each of us. Her symbol is a sleeping serpent coiled up and resting dormant at the very base of the torso, the perineum powerhouse.

At the same time (6,000 years ago), Chinese Taoists practitioners were also exponentially increasing their metaphysical energy by accessing, through pelvic floor strength training, their most powerful and dynamic force “Ching Chi” (sexual energy). Then by way of complex muscular contractions (my specialty), infusing it into a central channel of energy that travels continuously around the torso, (the microcosmic orbit) that also feeds the acupuncture meridians with chi (life force). These Secret Chinese pelvic floor practices are the cornerstone and the standing still form of Tai Chi Chuan, the inner dance, the fountain of youth!

Like a calm river winding through a sandy desert, pelvic floor strength brings life to the physical body. Nourishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating old cells. Encouraging new life by accessing the creative life force from the ovaries and testies and infusing it into body for optimum health, great sexual and physical power and immortality.

Pulling in your tummy

There are many women who maintain the very old fashioned and harmful posture of pulling in their tummy believing it to increase core strength, which it doesn’t, and to appear slimmer around the waist. Over time it makes the skin flabby. This is a dangerous out dated practice. Where do you think all of that “stuff” that your pulling in is going? You are displacing your organs and increasing the pressure in your abdomen.
Eventually what deteriorates is the tissue (fascia) that is responsible for connecting the muscles together. When the increased pressure in the abdomen gets high the organs put increased pressure on the muscular wall, which deteriorates, thinning and eventually tearing the fascia between the muscles.

If you wish to have exceptional pelvic floor strength, resist the damaging urge to hold in your tummy and just let it hang out instead, can you actually do that at all, what about for a minute or few? How tense are you really? Can you let it go & relax your tummy? What about if no one is looking, can you do it then? TRY!

If you’ve got a fat tummy, then you need to deal with it – not hide it at the expense of your organs. Try hula hooping, it’s marvellous for your tummy & your pelvis. Just relax your tummy, breathe freely and let go of the tension at your waist. You will feel much better and furthermore breathe much better too.